Anno 1984
Michele Conte, Italian by origin, born in Turin. Dutch by “adoption”. Since about 14 years I live in the Netherlands with my family and we are blessed with 3 gorgeous children. A great passion for Piemonte (my home region) and Italian wines are parts of my roots. Holding a WSET-2 Diploma and attaining the WSET-3 in the near future. Bringing Italian lifestyle to the Netherlands through fine wines is the calling for my next life chapter. After 15+ years of experiences throughout Hospitality, Supply Chain Operations and Customer Services, I decided to take a new step in my life, by creating my own company as Independent Fine Wine Merchant: LAURUSVINI.

Anno 2024
I am inspired by the challenge to discover great wines, with my dedication and inspired flair, refinement, and elegance. I am ambitious, I like to dream, but I am also concrete, efficient, focused. I put together expertise and experience to create a selection of fine wines for wine lovers and hospitality premises. I take care of them. And I do that with style. This is what LAURUSVINI stands for.


"Inspire wine lovers with life stories and encounters of emotions through authentic, artisanal, best-value wines" 
- Michele Conte -



LAURUSVINI represents wines with strong local identity, telling you the story of each specific Italian region, its flavors and traditions. Travel with us to discover new places.


In Italy wine is not just a beverage. It tells our stories, symbolizes our shared past and culture, shows our love for our families and deep connection with our friends. These are fundaments we build on when selecting our wines. Create emotion and accompany your life stories with our collection of Italian wine gems.
Every vintage carries the challenges of each year. It is the unique result of what nature has given back to us, guided by the efforts and care put in the vineyard by winemakers. Challenge your palate and exceed your expectations with LAURUSVINI characterful wines.